Why 3rd Roll Master based on XG Roller ++ not Rollout

Some people asked "Why 3rd Roll Master doesn't use the result of Rollout ?" Here is a reason.

We started with XG Roller++ because if we want to implement the rollout it is very time consuming. Also we wanted to see how much sale and feedback we could get. Another thing is that if we do a rollout, people might say XX times is not enough, you have to do YY times, or You have to do rollout on 4ply as 3ply is too weak etc. It might never end.So we should draw the line somewhere.

I think Kanade plan to roll them out for 5000times (not all, but close plays) and told me it takes 4 months if he run computer for 24 hours. I don't know if he could cover the electric bill. So please buy one and support him :))) Thanks all !


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