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3rd Roll Master

Developed by Kanade Kubota

Approved by Mochy


+--------------+ | Introduction | +--------------+

Thank you for checking "3rd Roll Master" website. This is a training tool aimed for all players who are willing to improve their opening game. It contains analyzed results of all the 3rd roll positions (23,331 positions) which can occur during a game. You need a lot of effort to master "Opening 3rd Roll" due to the large number of possibilities. However, you will surely improve your play and learn many underlying backgammon principles.


The contents of the tool are

3rd Roll Chart : Analyzed results of entire 3rd roll positions in chart sheet.

Anki Text : Imported data for learning with Anki(Flash cards App)

Hope it's useful to you.

                                                                    +--------------+ | Order | +--------------+


The price of the product is $30. You can order by clicking the "buy now" button shown below.

We will send you the product by email so please let us know your email account in the message of paypal.

Allow us to take 1-2 days to send you the product. 


+--------------+ | Trial version | +--------------+

You can download the trial version for free.

It includes the 3rd roll positions starting with an opening 21 slot (13/11 6/5).

Download the trial version

+--------------+ | Requirements | +--------------+


3rd Roll Chart -> Open Office Calc (Free) <>

Anki Text -> Anki (Free) <>

-Acknowledge of Nactation Nactation is used for describing plays in abbreviated manner invented by Nack Ballard.

You can learn Nactation at <>.

+-----------------+ | Analyze setting | +-----------------+

Each move is analyzed by using "eXtreme Gammon 2.0 (or XG)" which is currently regarded as the strongest and the fastest backgammon program. Analyze option is set as follows.

Strength : XG Roller++

Search Interval : Huge(8 moves within 0.160 equity in 3-ply)

Match Equity Table : Kazaross XG2.met



+----------------------+ | About 3rd Roll Chart | +----------------------+

The 3rd Roll Chart consists of multiple sheets classified by the 1st move. The 2nd move is shown in the left side of the table, and the dice roll of the 3rd move is shown in the top of the table. There are two excel files which describe analyzed results in different manners. Let's see the result of 21$-11N-11 (13/11 6/5, 8/7(2) 6/5(2), 21?) in both cases.

21:13/11 6/5, 11:8/7(2) 6/5(2)

21: ?

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

X to Play 21.


3rdRollChart.xls (traditional notation) --> "24/22 6/5 : 13/11 6/5 [ 99]"

3rdRollChart_Nactated.xls (nacbracs) --> "E N99 24/22 6/5, 13/11 6/5"


Above shows the correct play is 24/22 6/5(E) and 13/11 6/5(N) is second to best with 0.099 error.


NOTE: The chart sheet is generated automatically by a program. As the output is limited in ASCII code, bold and italics, which is used in Nactation system to denote the priority in a same family, are not available. Instead, one or more "!" marks are added after the letter to show the priority (i.e. H -> h -> H! -> h! -> H!! -> h!! -> ...). A few of the generated nactations don't meet the rule by Nack Ballard, due to the difference between the software implementation and the Nactation rule.


+---------------+ | What is Anki? | +---------------+

Anki is a functional flash card application with an effective learning algorithm. Unlike other flash card applications, Anki modifies the review interval based on the problem difficulty.

For example, the front side of the card shows the position













X to Play 63.


After deciding your play, select "Show Answer" to show the analyzed result.


24/21 11/5 +0.191

13/10 11/5 +0.146(-0.045)

24/18 8/5 +0.132(-0.059)

Then, choose one of "Again", "Good" or "Easy" and the program schedules the next time to show this card, so that a difficult card will be shown more frequent.

Anki can be worked on PC, Android, iPhone and iPad. They are connected through cloud so you can continue your work from the last time you quitted on other devices. You can also add your own comment to your own card to ease your memorization. It is fully customizable.

For more details, see <>.

+----------------------------------+ | How to start learning with Anki? | +----------------------------------+

To start learning, you need to import the data to your deck.

If you try to learn the positions started with 21Slot, follow the instruction below.

1. Install Anki and launch it.

2. From "File" menu, select "Switch Profile".

3. Select "Add" and enter the name of the profile (e.x. "3rd Roll Position").

4. Select "Create Deck" and enter the name (e.x. "21Slot").

5. Select "Import File" and select the text file (e.x. "Anki_21$-XX-XX.txt") via File Dialog.

6. Make sure "21Slot" is set to "Deck" menu.

7. Select "Fields separated by:" and just type ";".

8. Check "Allow HTML in fields" ON.

9. Select "Import".


Now, you're ready to start. Select the deck and click "Study Now".



+--------------+ | Several tips | +--------------+ 

-When viewing 3rd Roll Chart, use the sort function to easily understand the list of the results.

(e.x. if you're interested in 21$-Any-21, select the sheet "21$" and sort the column "21")


-When using Anki, filter cards by tags and discard unnecessary ones. For each position, tags are given as


forced : Forced play equal : The second play is less than 0.010 error

close : Otherwise, the second play is less than 0.020 error

mistake : Otherwise, the second play is less than 0.050 error

blunder : Otherwise, the second play is less than 0.100 error

whopper : Otherwise, the second play is less than 0.180 error

disaster: The second play is equal to or greater than 0.180 error


Furthermore, "unusual" tag is given when the opening reply is very rare.

+------------+ | Contact us | +------------+

If you have any questions, comments or requests please let me know via E-Mail.


K. Kubota <>

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